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water babies

0-6 months

parent tot 1 & 2

6-24 months

group classes

18 months & up

7 and up

7 years & up

swimmers with disabilities

Adult Swim Classes

adult classes


We offer an ongoing, year-round program with classes billed on the 15th of each month. Our pricing chart below has more details on group vs. private class rates. For our beginning swimmers, we always recommend starting with 2 classes per week—continuity and repetition are key to learning!

For additional pricing questions, you can always send us a message in our chat window at the bottom of the page or call (813) 229-7946.

Pricing per Class

30 min
15 min
4-week month $93.28  $162.20
5-week month $116.60 $202.75
per class
per class

Sibling discount for each additional child in the household is 5%

Annual Family Membership Fee

Current Family $40.00
New Family $55.00